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    Are you planning anything new

    When i played this game, it was a Game of the Year winner in terms of Mobile and Facebook games, but now, it's pretty much stale toast, you've added nothing new since you bought the game, we want to...
  2. Facebook blocked GoT believing it as malacious

    I haven't been able to log into GoT from facebook, i get a malacious software warning, did someone install a malware in the game?
  3. any chance of allowing garden expansion without adding friends on Facebook.

    I'm all for helping other people but my facebook account is for family and friends, and i don't want total strangers to see pictures of my kids, i've heard a few stories of some of these game friends...
  4. The Scoring system has gotten a bit weird lately

    I was on a new puzzle, and normally, i don't get the 12 finds in a row max of 315,000 until my 5 or 6th try, but lately, i'm getting it no matter how bad i play a scene, and i'm thinking that your...
  5. any way to add friends without adding them as facebook friends.

    It seems that my only facebook friends who play GoT, have stopped playing and i'm going nowhere on takes that require items friend asks.
  6. Sticky: how about using the loyalty points for garden...

    how about using the loyalty points for garden expansion.
  7. a garden museum or expanding the garden without acquiring new friends

    i am asking for a building where you can store items and still get reputation pts. much like it they do for zynga games like the housing tower for castleville or the emporium for crafting building in...
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