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  1. Greetings From Your New Community Manager!

    Hello Scramblers!

    My name is David and I am pleased to announce that I am joining the Kitchen Scramble team as your new Community Manager! I am a long time player/admirer of Kitchen Scramble and...
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    Sticky: [EVENT] Every Dayís a Holiday!

    Every Dayís a Holiday!

    This week you are in charge of the Game Design Department at RockYou. You will be planning a Kitchen Scramble Bonus Map.
    So put on your thinking cap and let your...
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    Recipe Question Winners! (6/25/2015)

    Here's the answer to our recipe question: French Onion Soup!

    Congrats to our winners: Basma Alvi, Kim Bamer Russo, Judy Gail, Karen Gross Kern, and Patti Mansfield.

    You each get five 15 second...
  4. Kitchen Scramble Tip: Premium Ingredients (6/24/2015)

    Struggling to beat a level? Try using premium ingredients to help you get the extra points you need to beat the level!
    Premium ingredients increase the coin value of certain dishes. Using these...
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    Pork Chop Sandwich!

    Get your hands on a delicious pork sandwich today! Only Pigcasso could have created something so amazing. Now thatís what I call fine swine!

    Follow us on Twitter!...
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