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  1. ------------------------------------------- (EO)...

    (EO) Posible error ortografico
    (CO) Coloquial
    (JE) Jerga
    (CN) Contracción
    (MO) Modismo
    (AB) Abreviatura
    (PR) Prefijo
    (PL) Plural
    (VB) Verbos
  2. leche, lechero, lechon,...

    leche, lechero, lechon,...
  3. Suggestions to improve the game.

    Suggestions to improve the game.

    * To be able to see the overall ranking "Best Friends" by level and not just friends, an option that allows to see the rank including those who are not your...
  4. Hispanic speaking experts in the game

    We will not be the group of "Words of Wonder" more numerous but have no doubt that we are the bests! Our group plays better than any other group in any language! Around game publishers do not pay due...
  5. list of errors and problems‏

    I want to make a list of errors and problems encountered in the game Words of Wonders in Spanish. Marked by several players.

    * There are problems with the levels of capture "flying letters", comes...
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