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  1. Thread: breeding

    by Becca Banner


    How about you do your weekly animal with something other than 23 or 1 day breeding times? It has been 40 weeks since you had a 2 day. I'd love to see some 10 day breeds so I can use those when I'm...
  2. Remove controversial ad on my account immediately or I'm done!

    Would you please remove the ad for Plan B that comes up before I enter my zoo. I don't appreciate this controversial subject and I am of belief they are killing innocent children. Keep your legs...
  3. I am a recipient who has not received fbc animals...

    I am a recipient who has not received fbc animals from DebLeapnforzoo Spacek. My zoo id is 13768228252 . The animals that I didn't receive are 2 tutura, a baby bellbird, a baby moa and a baby...
  4. No FBC animals

    My friend DebLeapnforzoo Spacek has been trying to send me facebook credit animals in zoo world 1. I haven't received them. She tried to send 2 Tutura, a baby bellbird, a baby moa, and a baby...
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