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    Loading issues

    I have account in 445 Lady Alabam 447 Lady Mabala.In 460 Lord Alabam.Anyway couldnt log in this morning connection kept timing out.Usually log in through fb but it wont let me. Went to log in kabaam ,email addresses the same,it worked but had to start new kingdom.Went to change domains,none of the others were there.Where did they go? Need help.Miss my Kingdoms dont want to lose them.Too much at stake.

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    problems in domain 439.......entire global chat full of people having same basically midnight eastern time...which is 9pm pacific....everyone was threw offline and automatically signed out of the game.....when we all log back in...the game screen is tiny....and way too narrow....the game map doesnt open fully when you click the arrow to open it totally .......nothing is working as before .....and can hardly see all on game because screen is so narrow and way too tiny......that is for those of us that just have that problem.....many players are complaining that when they log in....after a few min it keeps telling them that their game is out of date and when they refresh it signs themn out again and again ...they sign back in only to have the same thing happen after a couple min.

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