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Thread: need mordred champ items back in boss

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    It helps but like many here i didn't spend my money on the game anymore so didn't get the mordred shield or other mordred items,
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    they are in the present boss battle

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    just because they are listed as available doesn't mean they will actually be there. saved up 140 boss battle tokens just for the shot at mordreds hammer and guess what. never got one. by the time I save up enough boss battle tokens again, the mordred stuff will be replaced by something even better. Can't compete in this game if the events are delivered as promised

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    mordreds returned to boss

    thank you, got the mordred hammer and cloak in boss yesterday and 5x fm25 in platinum tier so have them at 25, i only attacked the boss 50 times, well done rock-u

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    first comment for the start of this thread....yesterdays boss battle had most of the mordred items in it and they are offered many of them in games each week you just have to read the possible if you have a thousand boss tokens saved that does not mean you will get every item listed as a possible prize in boss...its all random luck as to what falls where.....anyone that has played the game long enough should know that....

    Last there are two players in my alliance in 439 that have Festivity Rings....2 on their champs ...along with Steelhoof Helm, Mordred Hammer and A Black Knight Cloak they pump out very high damage...12k plus so I do understand how intimidating that is to many players on site......however it can be the others said in comments....the strength is lower than on many other happens when you over load a stat you become weaker in another stat....all you have to do is learn the basics of champ stats to know what is best to counter what....want to know how to beat those 12k damage champs....its easy and not just a 2k plus block champ with a mordred shield equipped either as I do have one of those myself......but I dropped alli long enough to test some things on a teammate with 12k damage on her champ ...just send my champ at her with 1 scout testing different items and set ups.......I found that I could beat her without needing to use my block champ at all.....all I had to do was equip as much dex and hit chance as I damage was still way lower than hers....however I was pumping several k dex more than her as well as more than double her hit chance....may not sound to some like it would work but it worked for her low not only strength but dex ...made the difference....that allowed me to then rejoin alli and be ready to handle hostile players with 12k damage...and you can also..just play around with your set up till you get it......too many players dont understand that the smartest players and very best players are always making adjustments on champs just like in Tr depending on what the player has or is using they are about to your not a big money dont need to be neither and I....I mean I spend some but not thousands like some players I know do a month.....I am your $30 every payday player once every 2 weeks.....and it isnt always easy...that is why in order to stay on top without being a big spender you must become a student of the or loose learn what beats what all aspects as well as what troops work best with different Tr's so on....maximize your strengths.....when you cant afford to spend as much as the big spenders do as so many say......I say learn to take and out smart them because most of the biggest spenders dont know as much about battle as they dont need to learn they just spend....learn all aspects of game...out think your enemy...and then when you do get newer will get even easier

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    so tell me how to beat this typical bigspender champ

    Champion Stats
    Damage 8935.87
    Bonus Damage 736.44
    Armor 7
    Strength 3665.88
    Dexterity 12304.97
    Health 30217.94
    Hit Chance 1171.47
    Crit Chance 753.52
    Block 3
    Champion Base Damage Debuff -1389.85
    Champion Armor Debuff -1100.33
    Champion Dexterity Debuff -2501.73
    Champion Health Debuff -5559.4
    Champion Hit Debuff -389.16
    Champion Block Debuff -472.55
    Inc. Bonus to Mordred 54%
    Troop Stats
    Life 3941
    Range Debuff -616.5

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    Champ stats have got out of hand

    Champs in my opinion are killing the game. troop stat changes make it so in most cases if you lose with your champ you lose the battle.throne rooms don't make much of a difference. It used to be if you played clever you could have a shot at anyone,now if your champ wont beat the oponents you may as well not even try. this makes the game boring and not worth playing anymore.Troop stat changes need to be lowered drastically

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    no many player the champion lose and they win with the tr

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    Since there is no cap on the Champ, they will eventually kill the game and make the TR useless. They are already unbalancing the game at their current level. It is still possible to win with the Throne room but that is becoming harder and harder to do. Once the champ reaches level 30+, then TRs will be unable to overcome the champ stats.
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