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Thread: Domain Merger - Instructions

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    Domain Merger - Instructions

    Domain Merger - Instructions

    Please look for the revised information in comment below and also in new post (

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    Hello Players,

    We have decided to revise the server list and required might.
    Final revision will be posted soon.

    Thank you all playing KoC.

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    Domain Merger - Instructions [Revised]

    Hello Players,

    The game team is happy to announce that we are finally ready for executing Server Mergers for Kingdoms of Camelot. Thank you for your patience while we worked on the task to ensure a smooth and error free execution.

    We have read and taken into account all your replies and suggestions on the forums regarding the mergers. Thank you for giving us your valuable inputs!

    Based on your inputs and our extensive analysis, we have finalized on the following merge list:

    We hope that you have read the FAQ ( to ensure that your accounts are merged in the right manner. Please do so if you have not already.

    To summarize, we need all of you to do the following to ensure a smooth execution:
    1. Check which of your accounts will be affected by the mergers.
    2. Please log into all the accounts you want us to consider for mergers. Our criteria for mergers is all the accounts that are active in the last 60 days which have a Might of 10000 or more.
    3. Ensure that you log in last to the account you want us to consider as the primary account. The account you most recently logged into before the cut off time will be the primary account. The cut off time to ensure this is: August 21st 2017, 23:59 PDT.
      • For example: Consider that you have accounts in 460, 445 and 454. For your account in 454, that account will be considered as the primary account in new server 463 since you do not have an account in server 448. For your accounts in 460 and 445, you will need to choose an account between the servers 460 and 445. If you log into the account in 460 last before the stipulated time, the account in 460 will be considered as the primary account.
    4. If you are the Chancellor for your alliance in your non-primary account, please ensure that one of your other alliance members is promoted to Chancellor.

    • We have ensured that there will be an even distribution of active Payers in each domain.
    • Please be advised any game activity done in older domains after August 22nd 2017, 12:00 AM PDT might not be recorded in the new domains. We will be sending an In-game message before and after the mergers. Make sure you login to new domain after you receive the message.

    We request you to spread the word about the mergers and help all your fellow players to have a smooth merger experience.

    Team KoC

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