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That is the exact type of woolly thinking weve come to expect and why the older domains dont even need merlin Gone Wild anymore unless the format is changed. Who is being polled the "fabled Facebook Page " Thats laughable. Everyone should be polled in game with a questionaire

The number of merlins isnt the problem and lets be honest here Bots manipulated the numbers anyway. the problem is every domain other than 471 is now past the prizes on offer

Merlin should offer specialized events for different types of items. A speedup event. A Tower event. Troop event. Allow players to pick what they use merlins on which would increase the drop rate and make it worthwhile. Currently 90% of all items on offer are useless, add the drop rate you will be lucky to get a handful of items you can actually use

Just because this is how events have always been done, doesnt make it applicable today . game has moved on. So events should move with it