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Thread: Flamers/Onagers/Hussars/Plague Doctors/Soul Stealers

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    Flamers/Onagers/Hussars/Plague Doctors/Soul Stealers

    Any chance of some troop boxes being put into the shop soon?
    Why so serious??.... ???(?_?)???

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    Have requested this the last couple of reports.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grail Knight Lucy View Post
    Have requested this the last couple of reports.
    hopefully they listen soon then
    Why so serious??.... ???(?_?)???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shao_Kahn View Post
    hopefully they listen soon then
    I got a few troops from the shop in 469 in the odd boxes that were only 2 and 3 gems. They were mixed in with some other things. It only gave Toxics. They also have some odd troops given in the boxes you get for watching the free videos. Don't expect anything great though.

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