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    Merger, this retarded credit card only game needs to be shut down. The game was waaaaaaay better 3 - 4 wears ago before scripts/bots became prevalent and then got sold to a company who bought in troops and buildings that can only be gotten by using a credit card.

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    this games begin go down when trone room arrive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wellan37 View Post
    this games begin go down when trone room arrive
    Yeah that's my point, the game isn't worth playing unless you have tons of money to spend. To me the script/bots were the beginning of the end of the game the barb raids were started out bieng part of a script before that the absolute highest might in the game was 12 million and the player having maybe 2 million troops. The fact is heaps and heaps of people quit because they couldn't keep up with the credit card warriors.

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