Thank you for playing Kingdoms of Camelot! You love the game and so do we. The game will be available on Wonderhill
till the end of December before which we request you to move your progress to Facebook.

We think that you should also know that the team at Wonderhill has decided to pull the plug on December 26, 2017. But there is no need to worry!
We are not ready to lose such a wonderful community. Follow the simple steps explained below to migrate your account from Wonderhill to Facebook.
You will not lose anything in the process!

Please follow these simple guided steps to seamlessly migrate your Wonderhill game status to your Facebook account:

  1. In your browser open Facebook page . If already Logged in, please Log out from Facebook account in your browser.
  2. Open Wonderhill game page and you will see the below popup:

    In the above popup, please click on continue button and you will get a confirmation window like the one below

  3. Click on Continue and this should open the Facebook log in page in the browser. Please Log in to your desired Facebook account in which you wanted the game to be migrated and you will get the below confirmation.

  4. But if you have already played Kingdoms of Camelot game on Facebook using the account you have entered, you have the option to overwrite the progress.

  5. Clicking on overwrite will overwrite the account in Facebook with Wonderhill account and you will get the Migration Successful Popup.
  6. If you do not wish to overwrite the progress, you can restart the migration process and select a different Facebook account (Start from Step 1).

Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at if you have any questions or concerns with migrating your account. We will be right there for you!

See you soon on Facebook!

Team KoC