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Thread: Need more Champions

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    Need more Champions

    Could we have more champions so that i could use some of the 959 Spectral Shields I have in my inventory and all the rest of the rubbish champion items. Also could we have more TR presets so that I could use some of the 888 Frozen Pillars as well.

    Isn't it time someone looked at the prizes being given out as it's the same stuff time and time again.
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    That is all you have? and

    We need some kind of event other than a ToM to use these up in. I know I can craft Royal Frozen pillars but how many does a girl need? How about a crafting event to change them into a higher MT or FM? Trade 50 for a token?
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    Unfortunately i have to work during the weekend so i'm unable to do event for the whole 23hours that an event runs.

    I have other items that are useless such as:

    Renaming Ritual Owned:85
    Divine Providence Owned:2592
    Sacred Inspiration Owned:2439
    Sacred Providence Owned:2324
    Spire Illumination Owned:679
    Wall Illumination Owned:259
    Castle Illumination Owned:227
    Rally Illumination Owned:261

    I could go on, can't Rockyou come up with a way of using them???
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions

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    solar our saviour has been compliling a list so im sure the prizes will be updated shortly . . . .

    . . . . you have lots of Dp' SI and SP which was dropping in the nomads but they then have them in the current boss event as well ( they have also been in most bosses as well as mercs this year ). we only have 8 cities . most prizes if not all are just fillers to entice you to get the one item that has a very low chance of dropping

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