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Thread: 3days no support

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    Angry 3days no support

    I had put in a ticket over 3days ago and no one has responded to the ticket. I have tried multiple times to create an alliance headquarters but every time I try I get "Unknown Error". Please HELP!!!

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    are you trying to create it on an OWNED or UNOWNED plain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aderik View Post
    are you trying to create it on an OWNED or UNOWNED plain?
    Unowned, but I got it to go thru with a friend setting up the alliance and doing it for me. Still no support from the Helpdesk now going on for 7days though. Very disappointed and no longer going to be putting money into the game going forward.

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    We apologize for your delay and are sorry to hear you had a bad experience.
    The Forums are still a work in progress. Had we known sooner we definitely would have fixed it for you.

    Feel free to Facebook message me @
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