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Thread: Can't send or receive gifts!!

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    Can't send or receive gifts!!

    All the gifts to craft with that I had are gone, I can't ask for more because it's not showing any friends and my message box is empty!! How I am supposed to complete the challenges??? I spend money on this game but I'm done, this is ridiculous!

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    Same here, my friends list for sending gifts is blank, my neighbors still show in the game, but I cannot vote for anyone in the Daily Look, and all the gifts I had are gone (200+).

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    Same here...... can't send or receive gifts. Neighbors do show. And all gifts I had are gone.

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    Same, and try sending a report ticket; so many steps, complicated!

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    Yo tampoco puedo ver la lista de amigos. no puedo completar las creaciones. que hacer??? Tampoco he vuelto a recibir notificaciones

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    Yes, it's so frustrating! Most of us pay money to play the game, but this keeps happening. No gifts, can't vote, and can't visit neighbors houses. Then you go to submit a ticket and its hard to find all the information they want!

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    No gifts or friends showing AGAIN! ... thanx RY so very much

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    I have the same problem. PLEASE fix it SOON.

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    This is getting ridiculous! I have been unable to send or receive gifts for two days now, also cannot participate in the daily look. Arg!!! Cleaning the cache, restarting the machine etc does not work. Furthermore, when playing at a friend's computer in her house the problem persists but she is able to play normally when she logs in as herself lol Anyone else having these issues now?

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    My gifts are not working AGAIN! I wasn't able to finish the mission last time this happened because I refuse to spend money. I've spent way too much money on this game!

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