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Thread: Can't play the game at all

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    Unhappy Can't play the game at all

    I used to play this game exclusively on nearly every day, it was a lot of fun but eventually it got boring. that was years ago and now I wanted to play again and get back into it, but found out Kabam doesn't own the game anymore. I looked around for somewhere to play the game and the only place I could find that would allow me to play was Facebook, but when I went to the game link, it says "The Godfather: Five Families is currently under maintenance. For updated information on our status, check our forums." with the Kabam Logo beneath it. I've tried to message the Godfather facebook page, to which I got a reply saying the game is now exclusively available on facebook, and I was asked how long I've been inactive. I responded and haven't heard anything back for a few days. so this is my last resort. can I get some info or help?

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    Craeton, If your account was between 168RP, and 10,000 RP, or had not been logged onto within the past 6 months Prior to the merge at the end of October 2017, there is a possibility was removed as an inactive account.

    My suggestion to you is to contact support @ this link:

    Once you sign up for the helpdesk, you can begin the process of regaining your account by doing the following:
    To begin with you'll need the email address you used to use to log in with, and then you're going to have to remember which server you once played. Look that old server up on the chart found on this link:
    On that chart, the newest server names are on the far Right.

    Once you've figured out which server your account should now be on, tell support your old login email address, the profile name and location (server) of your account; and then let them know you never migrated to facebook. Then give them your Verified, Actual, Facebook account to move your game to. If your account is retrievable, they will help you with the migration to FB, and get you back into the game.

    To play the game now, you are required to play through Facebook, there are no alternatives or other sites to play on.
    I hope that helps you, if more help is needed, please let me know.

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