I notice that the number of notifications and messages on my Facebook page is out of control.

I am fairly new to playing here on Facebook, altho I played for 2 + years when it was still on the Playdom platform. When we shared our bonuses there, or sent gifts, they got delivered within the game itself, but with Facebook I am confused about what people want other players to do when asked to "let so-and-so know" that you sent them something, or left a gift, or whatever. Would other players prefer not to get those notifications? I don't know about anyone else but I feel like I'm drowning in them whenever I look at Facebook.

I just want to do what people want, not to make myself into a pest! LOL

Related issue: I must confess I am a Facebook newbie, not really up on how to do the things I want, so when/if you answer, please treat me as if I am in kindergarten when advising on how to do anything there.

Thanks in advance for your time.

PS, I am REALLY happy to be able to expand my garden without gold, and get my wonders built, etc. etc. I have been missing having friends in the game, and am looking forward to interacting with you all! Thanks to all who have friended me, and please have patience when I do something silly!