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Thread: Your Suggestions for Ascension Faction Spells

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    Question Your Suggestions for Ascension Faction Spells

    While the dev team is still looking at Ascension spells it may be also a good idea to ask our Koc Community for their valued opinion(s)
    - Please describe what spell it is, what it should/could do.
    - Please note that the Spell is march only, thus suggest accordingly.
    - Please indicate faction as well.

    Current existing Ascension spells in game are
    - Lifesteal - Fey
    - Hidden paths - Druid
    - Road systems - Briton

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    Druid - KeepAlive - Change the percentage of wounded troops from 50% to 75% (or something like that)
    Briton - Immobilise - Immobilise wall and field defences so they don't take part in the battle (not defending troops or towers though)
    Fey - DeadShot - Increase troop accuracy by reducing troop life.

    I think these all honour the original intention of the different factions - Druid are all about nature and life, briton are about machinery and inventiveness, and fey are all about sacrificing one thing to gain an advantage for another.
    I give up.. you win :/

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