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Thread: zoo world classic

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    zoo world classic

    how do I purchase a new island. need help please.

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    not sure where to post or how this works but WHY DID YOU RAISE THE PRICES on kiosk managers from $ 1,500 to 14,000 ???? if you continue my animals will starve and ill go bankrupt ! You took all the FUN out of my simple game, i will not submit to price gouges when $2,00 or $ 3,000 would be ok

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    guess this is where you post if no one will let you sign on with your email account. i have an email account on i have written about the needing 25 growth formula's but no one seems to care to fix it. unfortunately we don't receive or can earn it anymore as facebook removed it. so it is virtually impossible for me to complete this challenge at the top of the game, i would appreciate it being changed to something that i can complete.

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    can anyone tell me why I can't get zoo world to open? says I need a flash player... so I downloaded it, installed it, and the game still wont open??? help

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