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Thread: The Camelotís Grand Faire

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    The Camelotís Grand Faire

    Hear ye, Hear ye

    Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

    As the day of the Grand Joust inches ever so closer. King Arthur has decided to help his loyal subjects prepare by conducting magnificent events that will help strengthen their Champions.

    In the week prior to the Jousting event, King Arthur will conduct The Camelot’s Grand Faire for the royalty and the commoners alike. Games that would give every participating Champion an upper hand for the event to come.

    Following will be rewarded for the above events as a part of the celebration:
    Wooden Lance

    Cleric’s Lance

    Hawkwood’s Helm

    Brass Helm

    In addition to these, participants can collect Frog-mouth Helms (tokens) throughout the faire and they can be used to craft exquisite rewards in the spire.

    Duelist Boots of Speed
    Swamp witch Boots of Speed
    Rot Familiar Boots of Speed
    Heavy Cavalry Boots of Speed
    Shield Sorcerer Ture Sight
    Heavy Onager True Sight
    Soul Stealer True Sight
    Vault Expansion +6
    Building Upgrades +15
    Hour Glasses

    And then, on the fateful day of August 1st, King Arthur will run preliminary trials for the joust, which will give the townsfolk a taste of what’s to be expected from the Jousting event.

    The Jousting event will be begin on August 6th. This will be a spectacle of a lifetime for all the subjects of Camelot, and the Champion who crushes all of his foes in this fateful event will win riches and rewards that cannot be even dreamed of!

    Following will be the exclusive rewards for the Jousting as part of celebration:

    Vesper helm

    Vesper Lance

    Disciple of Ra

    Statue of Wallace


    It would be a great folly to miss these events, for the rewards gained from winning the Grand Joust is the most precious beyond all measures. The King will be bestowing the greatest honor and gear from his own personal coffers, including the Vespers Lance and the Vespers Helm. The Champions of the Grand Joust will also be showered with other gifts like The Disciples of Ra and many other choice rewards.

    So, keep your eyes peeled and ears pressed to the walls. Because the Grand Joust will be spoken about for ages, even after the times of our great king! And the Crowned Champion would be remembered forevermore!

    Act now! Or forever remain nameless in the Chronicles of Camelot!
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