Camelot's Grand Faire!!
Hear ye, Hear ye

Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

Rejoice, for the Grand Faire commences!

As a part of The Camelotís Grand Faire, King Arthur has decided to reward his most loyal followers by conducting a daily login event where the worthy will be able to win Frog-mouth Helms (tokens) by logging in everyday. These tokens can be used to craft even more exquisite rewards in the Spire.

Furthermore, The King, has decided to raise the stakes by increasing the Caps for the Throne Room and Champions Hall.

And then, on the dawn of the first day of August. King Arthur will run preliminary trials for the joust, which will give the townsfolk a taste of whatís to be expected from the Jousting event.

Details are mentioned below:

Registration for the preliminary round starts at August 1st 00:00 PT and ends by 23:00 PT

Vespers Tournament starts at August 2nd 00:00 PT and ends by August 3rd 00:00 PT

Every knight, lord and lady worth their coin and title are encouraged to participate in this free preliminary round to experience what is just a taste of the Jousting Event.

As was foretold, the dawn of a new age has arrived. Let us all commence the celebrations!

For the King!