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Thread: More problems

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    Angry More problems

    I want to know if anyone else is having the same problems I am.
    Problem one is that in the Marine Adventure they wrote stingray separated and they sai octopus but there is no information on which
    one it is.
    Second problem a friend sent me a Shakey the Elf and I did not received.
    And finally I sent 2 Chacoan Peccary and I supposed to get 2 back buy I did not got it.
    What is going on

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    i have even restored the computer, downloaded the adobe 8.0 triedd to leave it accessable and it won't do it. i can't load my zoo. cuz it tells me i have to add the new flash playere, i have added flashpler and nothing, so i am like 2 away from getting that cute cat an can't play the game .

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