Not sure if this correct place to post this...

I wanted to post a big THANK YOU to RockYou tech Aaron!

About 2 weeks ago my phone died. I got my new phone and tried to reinstall and play my Shipwrecked game. It didn't work. I thought I would never get back to my old game account, which was at level 138, over 1.8 million coins, 105k+ spirit, 15 swords and 12 gold, and countless buildings & decorations collected in 2 years. I was sad that all was lost and would have to start all over.

However, I contacted thru email RockYou Support Team and tech Aaron helped me get back my old game account after going back & forth at least 7 emails.

I followed his instructions and opened my game. And then my island popped up on screen, back to where I last played on my old phone.

So, Thank you very much tech Aaron for not giving up on retrieving my account. I appreciate your hardwork and patience in figuring out how to get me back on my Shipwrecked Island