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Thread: Charonís Quest!!

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    Charonís Quest!!

    Hear ye, hear ye

    Lords and Ladies, King Arthur has decided to celebrate this Halloween in a grand manner by conducting magnificent events.

    The Charon’s Quest will be conducted for the royalty and the commoners alike.

    Charon’s Quest will hold a series of events throughout the week and the participants will be showered with exquisitely limited rewards and other gifts.

    As a part of Charon’s Quest, participants can also collect Charon’s Obol (tokens) throughout the event days and these tokens can be used to craft exquisite rewards in the spire.

    Charon’s Obol can be collected via different events and boxes during the Halloween Celebration.

    List of events and details:

    Grand Joust: Oct 24 - Oct 26

    Collection event : Oct 25 - Nov 11

    Merlin’s Gone Wild : Oct 28

    Halloween Boss Battle: Oct 29

    Player Love Contest: Oct 30 - Nov 05

    Halloween Boss Battle: Nov 05

    Dark Forests update: Nov 05 - Nov 11

    ToM - Hindwagon Training: Nov 07- Nov 09

    Rewards Details:

    Limited time uniques:

    Scythe of the Dead
    Pumpkin Armor
    Trophy of the White Bat
    Blood Hunter

    Other Rewards:

    Vespers Greaves
    Axe Rider troop
    Mangonel True Sight
    Shield Sorcerer Boots of Speed
    Hawkwood's Shield

    Collection Token:
    Charon's Obol

    Happy Halloween!
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