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Thread: Halloween Event: Player Love Contest: Oct 30th - Nov 06th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose Penagos View Post
    Lord: Game_Of_Thrones

    1: las batallas
    2: me gustaria que dieran premiosp or la constancia en el juego y tener un buen campeon no la porqueria que tengo

    gracias por su atecion espero que me de un buen premio

    jaja era broma jeje
    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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    You may only enter this event 1 time with your UID. I need your UID posted of each one of the accounts you have started ti reguster. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Walther Espinoza View Post
    lord game_of_thrones
    dominio 470
    1 me gustan los eventos, la dinamica del juego y mis compaņeros
    2 si pudiera cambiar una cosa serian las fichas de merlin siempre dan lo mismo, para que dieran mejores premios
    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Flare View Post
    Please complete your registration by submitting your User ID
    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Flare View Post
    Please complete your registration by submitting your User ID. Thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Flare View Post
    Please complete your registration by submitting your user ID
    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Flare View Post
    You may only enter this event 1 time with your UID. I need your UID posted of each one of the accounts you have started ti reguster. Thanks.
    Lord Player Domain 465
    uid# 12306828

    uid# 18094844

    uid# 18868573

    uid# 18318786

    Patience is a virtue, Karma's a b!tch. Good things come to those who wait!
    Can't we all just get along this one time?

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    Lady BellumDea
    Domän 469
    UID: 10077752
    1. Friends and team play and all events

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    People and events
    Restitution when the game glitches or locks you out

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    Name: Kaiser
    User ID: 16736148
    Domain: Ulfius469

    1.It brings out the competitive side of me,its feels good to get even to those players that brags and laughed at you when you get beaten.And a good stress reliever,at least for me.

    2.Get rid of the hidden paths option,its only for cheaters and cowards,same with life steal its only for bullies and also increase the maximum amount of troops when sending an attack, i mean its almost not fair when the defending player can put billions if not millions of troops on defend and the attacking player could only send up to 2M.

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    Great answer! Will forward this to the manager. BUT . . . I cant enter you into the event because I have no Game name, domain or uid. Post them as a reply with quote. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by KilledTheGame View Post

    1. What is it about KOC that you like the most and keeps you playing?
    2. If you could choose one thing in the game to change, what would that be?

    A: 1. In all honesty, I am struggling to think of something I still like about the game.
    As for what keeps me playing, only the fact I have so much time and effort invested in the game. I started playing only a month or so after the games inception. Unfortunately more recently, I have taken months off from the game on multiple occasions wondering why I still bother.

    2. If I could chose one thing to change, it would be my long list of things I have suggested to improve the game over the years. I expect to catch some flak over this post, but for those of us who have been playing for such a long time and have gotten pretty much nowhere, for those of us who don't like spending a fortune on the game, for those of us who want battles to be more prominent again, for those who remember multiple members of an alliance porting in on you to wipe you out, for those who remember when your alliance mates would reinforce you or port nearby to send counter-attacks, these ideas are with you in mind.
    I remember when having a second city was an accomplishment. I also remember when being able to train catapults had other players fearing you. Now, players spend more time upgrading their TR and Champs rather than in battle. The game has gotten to a point where even if you send an attack, nobody bothers defending because they don't know if you will switch to a different TR at the last second and they don't want to lose their troops. Heck, the only players that defend against you are the players you can't defeat anyway so you know not to even bother sending an attack. There was a day when even the smallest player could send an attack at a huge player and at least kill something. Those days have been long gone. That was pre TR and Champ days when there were simple kill ratios based on your research levels. Many a time one player could be ganged up on and either fight back and lose troops or not defend and lose their resources. The best part was when that did happen to someone, their alliance could and would reinforce them and the battles would get even more involved and even extended and expanded because their alliance members would port in and help counterattack. Though many would say that still happens, it doesn't happen on near the level it used to. The game has gotten far to boring and complacent. Like I mentioned, the game is no longer about fun battles, it's about upgrading. Upgrading is not why I started playing the game and it is not fun by any stretch of the imagination. The fun part used to be the battles. That no longer exists. It's a pretty sad state when literally thousands of players are using auto attack to hit wilds, barbs, df's or even inactive players or in some cases their own alternate accounts just to try and get items they want or need. All those attacks should be sent at active players for battles like they used to be.
    Now that I stop and think about it, it's been said numerous times, if you had a domain that did not have TR's or Champs, players would flock to it. There are many things that have been implemented into the game since the inception of the TR and Champs that can remain. Things like raids, increased storehouse protection, building levels, ascension and even Guardians and the Alliance Headquarters all have enough positive affects on the game and could remain without TR's or Champs.
    As for desertion, we all know why it has not been turned back on. Obviously, the issue has not been fixed or it would have been re-implemented. If desertion is going to stay off, that's fine. If desertion stays off, it allows you to freely adjust the consumption of troops or the resources from raids.
    Think about that for a minute... If you don't have TR or Champ cards, the playing field is much more level. You will have tons of smaller players at least attempting to take down the bigger players because there isn't an insurmountable gap between them. Now if you add a '0' to each resource collected from a raid (10X each resource), players will have a significant increase in resources allowing them to train more troops and recover faster. Keep in mind, this will mean they will only need one raid instead of ten to maintain what they currently train. With a more level playing field and some fine tweaking in the game, you can quite literally kill off ten times as many troops on both sides and still be able to train rather quickly to recover.
    You ask about the population needed to train? Why not just increase the population limit of cottages as well? Do you see where I'm going here? By simply increasing the buildings capacity (cottages), training speed (barracks), revive speed (apothecary), research levels (alchemy lab, briton workshop) you can have a more positive outcome for everyone.
    There are many things that can be implemented or changed for the better. If you want to eliminate raids simply increase the resource production of fields enough to compensate. If you want raids to remain a factor, multiply the resources acquired by ten (or another factor) and restrict the number of raid marches that can be sent out to half of the rally marches allotted. (Remember, if the raids are collecting 10X more, you won't need as many marching, but half is just an example.) That should still accumulate more than enough resources and still cut your server use in half for marches. Now guess what? You have the ability to handle more marches for battles without upgrading your servers.
    Do you want to bring back reinforcing like it used to be? Where anyone in the alliance can send reinforcements to help a mate without worrying whether or not the appropriate TR is enabled? I would love to be able to send reinforcements quickly without having to take the time to study the TR's and Champs of both the attacker and defender. Another idea to encourage reinforcing is to double the number of marches each embassy can handle (or at least increase the number). With no TR or Champs, reinforcing could again become a significant part of the game.
    Am I crazy? Nope. Do I want the old battle system to return? For the most part, sure, that's when I actually enjoyed the game. Can some/many things currently implemented remain? Sure. Can RY find the right balance to create a domain like those of old with some current implementations? A domain that would allow us to have battles like those of KoC past and still train troops fast enough like KoC of today? That's up to them, but I will encourage it because that's what would make the game better and more fun, in my eyes at least.
    To Rock You, I dare you to give us a domain that combines a good balance of then and now. Why am I being so bold and saying these things? Because these are some ideas I have had as well as the hundreds of players I have watched leave the game. If you truly want this game to return to it's glory, this is how you do it. You look back to when it was at it's best and improve on that. Many of those improvements are here now. The hard part is knowing what to keep and what remove.
    For those that have invested large sums of money into the game, what did you spend that money on? Was it mainly for TR and Champ upgrading? Or events to get you those upgrades? Imagine spending that money on battles. Instead of spending money on a chance to upgrade, how about going back to spending it on building upgrades, ports, doves, troops etc... You won't have to constantly, endlessly and aimlessly try to upgrade. Then and only then will your money be spent on actual fun within the game.
    As for every single one of the events in the game, they are all useless and repetitive. They are just another gimmick to try and make money for RY. There, I said it. Don't fret RY, even big companies like McDonald's bring back the classics because of the demand. Does the McRib ring a bell? How about when Coca Cola went back to their old recipe. Remember? It was a recipe for success and they ditched it for a so called better 'New Wave' formula. The 'New Wave' flopped so bad, they re-implemented the Classic recipe. Heck, even Atari came out with a retro game because it was in such demand. My point being, there is no shame in reverting back to something your customers like(d).
    I may have been a bit lengthy, but if you really want an honest opinion, if you really want to know what change I would make, here it is.
    It's a fine balance of attributes from then and now.

    For those wondering why you don't see any UID, player or domain information, it's because I don't care about some useless prize that won't do me any good anyway. What I want is fun within the game.

    Joke of the day: If Rock You implements a domain similar to what I described, I will change my ID to 'UNKilledTheGame'. LOL...
    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeatherNeck1 View Post
    People and events
    Restitution when the game glitches or locks you out
    If you are going to enter this event, please submit your game name, domain, and uid
    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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    I have registered all who provided all the information needed up to this point. I quoted your post if there was an issue with it that you need to respond.

    Thanks everyone.
    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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    As much as I hate to say it, there is only one useful item on this list. Pristine Yew Branches are all I care to get. That's simply so I can train Flamers. Everything else can go.
    Okay, so I really don't hate saying it, RY, this event (below) proves my point. You are quite literally encouraging players to attack useless targets instead of each other. Let's not forget, virtually everyone that decides to attack DF's, is going to use auto attack. That means those of us who want to send real attacks at players, will have a hard time sending because your servers are too busy trying to handle an event that is basically not worth the effort. Here's a hint, don't KillYourOwnGame. SMH...

    Hear ye, Hear ye

    Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

    Dark Forest turned more diabolical than we realized and it's been heard that Charon’s Obol resting there!

    Attack and collect these tokens and craft exquisite rewards in the spire.

    Following will be the items you can receive by attacking dark forest:

    Potion of Mist
    Renaming Ritual
    Animal Hide
    Renaming Celebration
    Reinforced Bags
    Sturdy Reinforced Bags
    Fertile Winds
    Journeyman Smith's Token
    Dragon's Stomp
    Obsidian Rune
    Portal of Order
    Stone Rune
    Lesser Lucky Token
    1M Alliance Food
    1M Alliance Stone
    Heavily Reinforced Bags
    Master's Token +23
    Blood Lust
    Master's Token +24
    Staunch Banner
    Charon's Obol
    Merlin's Seal
    Protection Stone
    Master's Token +25
    1M Alliance Ore
    1M Alliance Aetherstone
    Banner of Vigor
    Iron Skin
    Train with Kay
    Lesser Orb of Metallurgy
    Greater Orb of Metallurgy
    1M Alliance Wood
    Auras of Authority
    Lesser Ascension Crystal
    10,000 Aetherstone
    Forgemaster Token +18
    Lesser Revision
    1M Alliance Gold
    Morgana's Hourglass
    Arthur's Hourglass
    Forgemaster Token +16
    Deluge Rune
    Forgemaster Token +17
    Merlin's Hourglass
    Blue Eagle Wings
    Flax Wing
    Pristine Yew Branch
    Blood Fury
    Portal of Refuge
    100,000 Gold

    Thanks for playing Kingdoms of Camelot!

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