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Thread: Halloween Event: Player Love Contest: Oct 30th - Nov 06th

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    Quote Originally Posted by KilledTheGame View Post
    As much as I hate to say it, there is only one useful item on this list. Pristine Yew Branches are all I care to get. That's simply so I can train Flamers. Everything else can go.
    Okay, so I really don't hate saying it, RY, this event (below) proves my point. You are quite literally encouraging players to attack useless targets instead of each other. Let's not forget, virtually everyone that decides to attack DF's, is going to use auto attack. That means those of us who want to send real attacks at players, will have a hard time sending because your servers are too busy trying to handle an event that is basically not worth the effort. Here's a hint, don't KillYourOwnGame. SMH...
    I just dont see it. Watching in 4 domains now and there is a lot of fighting going on. Yes people are running the DFs on auto but they are manually attacking other players. What domain are you in? 469, 462, 467, and 472 are all racking up glory.
    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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    lord: top
    domaine : 465
    id :13049540
    1: rencontre des gens a la stratégie du jeux
    2 : pouvoir échanger de carte avec l'alliance ou un moyen d’Équilibre les force avec ce qui dépense

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    Entries for this event will not be accepted after midnight Pacific time. There have been over 700 completed entries received so far. Thank you to RockYou for providing the prizes for this player driven event!
    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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    What I was primarily pointing out is the fact it is a useless event. Yew Branches are the only useful item (for me) on that entire list. Even Charon’s Obol are useless since they have no function whatsoever. Check the Spire, not one recipe uses Charon's Obol to craft anything. Not one... There is absolutely no use for yet another item injected into the game. The caravan message ...

    Dark Forest Event is updated with Charon's Obol!!

    Hear ye, Hear ye

    Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

    Dark Forest turned more diabolical than we realized and it's been heard that Charon’s Obol resting there!

    Attack and collect these tokens and craft exquisite rewards in the spire

    How many people set up their auto attacks to collect a bunch of trash they already have? To collect a bunch of these tokens to craft exquisite rewards? Rewards you can't even craft... Ummm, Not me...

    All that time and effort, all those troops used to attack DF's could be better used on Pvs.P attacks.

    The next point was that if they don't have useless events, their servers wouldn't be bogged down with so many of these auto attacks. There are many times they have events where the servers are so busy, many players can't send marches at all. (I actually had trouble setting up new raids during an event, that's how bad it is at times.) If you use(d) auto attack on DF's for this event, or on a past Merc event, or Nomads, Runic Megaliths or any other event requiring repetitive marches, you may not see it because you aren't looking for it. Your auto attacks may very well try to send out numerous times before being successful and you won't see it. Now imagine sitting there trying to send out an attack manually like some of us actually do. There is a noticeable difference. Maybe not every time, but many.

    Now do you see it? An event that has no meaning yet encourages those with bots to use them. Every item on that list can be added as a reward from battles fought as Pvs.P.

    Remember, this is posted in a forum looking for ideas to improve the game. Much of my posts are hypothetical, though I will admit that last one shows frustration as well.
    The frustration revolves around them saying we can 'craft exquisite rewards' when if fact we can't.

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    Player Love Contest: Oct 30 - Nov 06

    Random Drawing of the 10 winners through use of the Random Name picker.

    1. Morylin
    2. Korte
    3. Oso
    4. Arn
    5. FelineFury
    6. VergaMota
    7. Charity
    8. Buckfast
    9. Leroybrown
    10. Juan_el_grande

    Congratulations to the winners. Prizes will be delivered next week.

    Thank you for participating in the KOC Info/RockYou Halloween Love Event!

    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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