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Thread: Halloween Event: Player Love Contest: Oct 30th - Nov 06th

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    Halloween Event: Player Love Contest: Oct 30th - Nov 06th

    Strange things have been sighted in Camelot. Pumpkin Armored Knights and a White Bat Trophy were seen in the hallowed halls of the castle. Emory with some of Camelots most valuable items have been found in closets. The King wishes for these to be cleaned out of his castle!!

    Any Lord or Lady who wishes to be selected to take these items away may do so by simply answering a few questions and providing their Game Name, Domain, and UID to enter a free drawing. Winners will be selected at random.

    Event runs October 30th to November 6th, 2018


    1. Only 1 entry per UID. If you play multiple domains, select the domain you want your prizes delivered to.
    2. All questions must be answered with positive, realistic answers.
    3. Answers that do not provide the information requested will be discarded.
    4. All entries with the questions answered will be entered into a random drawing and be eligible for the following prizes:
    5. Entries must be submitted by midnight, Pacific Time, November 6th 2018

    1st: 10 Emory Boxes + Pumpkin Armor
    2nd: 10 Emory Boxes + Trophy of the White Bat
    3-5 7 Emory Boxes
    6-10 5 Emory Boxes

    Emory Box Includes:
    1000 of the 1,000,000 Gold OR
    Rally +14 x 3 OR
    Rally +15 x 5 OR
    500 Disciple of Ra x 1000


    1. What is it about KOC that you like the most and keeps you playing?
    2. If you could choose one thing in the game to change, what would that be?

    Submit answers on the thread on KOC information found in the Announcements or on the forums. You must be a member of either group before you can post!!

    KOC Information:
    Official Game FB Page:

    Answer should be in the following format:

    Game name, domain (you want the prize in), UID. 1 Answer 2 Answer
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    Domain 472
    User Id: 4468439

    1. The team aspect and helping each other achieve and surpass set goals as the game develops
    2. Free entry like the Boss Tokens to the other events like the Summoning Circle and the Alchemist

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    uid 11829135

    1, beating spenders with no money spent accounts
    2, lowering the amount of gold used in reviving, so less gold is needed

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    Lord Name: Paradoja
    User UID: 18860547
    Domain: Ulfius469

    1. I like to meet people and create friendship links
    2. Combined attacks by several members of the same alliance. That gives the option to several weaker players to be able to defeat someone stronger. And when a player receives several attacks and is online to somehow force him to have to defend himself. So there is more fight between players.

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    piu regali negli eventi

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    Beowulf, Vivian470, UID:5820271.
    1: I like the different ways to play to defeat my enemies. Ranged battles or acts of guerrilla, the game offers many aspects of the art of war including spying. Each new feature allows to highlight a way of playing while remaining a social game where teamworking prevails.
    2: We need to reduce the competitiveness gap between spenders and others. For example every 10 weeks an event could take place where all new items would be put back into play allowing non spender to have a chance to significantly upgrade their game

    The wise woman said
    ''Once you're hardened in battle, there's no coming back''

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    lord NAVARRE
    UID: 4747237

    1. teamwork and friendship created for the continuous development of the game.
    2. Free entry like Boss Boss to other events such as the evocation circle and the alchemist and the possibility of walling up his own allies with my throne. also have more variety of unique cards in the events, they are always the same. I have 360 ​​frozen pillar and 10 real but I can not find any more cards for Chiaki's griffin.
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    Domain 472
    User ID: 12256886
    1. The thing about the game that keeps me coming back is the escape from reality. Everyone in their life has something going on and playing this game makes them forget about it.
    2. The biggest thing I would change about this game is the troops. Fighting is one of the best thing this game has to offer, but only if you have tons of troops. And with troop boxes costing 3 gems. Only way to stack up troops is by buying troop boxes. If troops were free or able to be trained quicker, I think a lot more people would be defending and not scared about losing 100k or 300k troops every time. Everyone would be defending bigger because they are able to train or receive them quickly. I know this first hand because I'm a smaller player and I cannot defend with millions of troops. If i lose 100k flame archers, I'm pissed because I don't have much. Really do need to balance the game for non spenders and spenders. Give the spenders the better troops such as RA's. But give the non spenders Flame archers and hussars, and all of that. Make it easier to fight. A lot of people will see a huge difference in the game!

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    1. La cosa sobre el juego que me hace volver es el escape de la realidad. Todo el mundo en su vida tiene algo que hacer y jugar este juego hace que se olviden de ello.
    2. La cosa más grande que cambiaría sobre este juego son las tropas. Pelear es una de las mejores cosas que este juego tiene para ofrecer, pero solo si tienes toneladas de tropas. Y con cajas de tropa que cuestan 3 gemas. La única forma de apilar tropas es comprando cajas de tropas. Si las tropas fueran libres o pudieran ser entrenadas más rápido, creo que muchas más personas estarían defendiendo y sin miedo de perder 100k o 300k tropas cada vez.

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    Lord: Pete49
    User Id: 17367780
    Domain: 463

    1. Friends and team play
    2. Item drop rate in events..

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