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Thread: Charon's Obol Crafting!

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    Charon's Obol Crafting!

    Now you can craft these items for Charon's Obol
    100 x Charon's Obol for Trophy of the White Bat
    100 x Charon's Obol for Blood Hunter
    100 x Charon's Obol for Scythe of the Dead
    100 x Charon's Obol for Pumpkin Armor
    50 x Charon's Obol for Vespers Greaves
    5 x Charon's Obol for Darkmoon Hourglass
    3 x Charon's Obol for Serpent Hourglass
    5 x Charon's Obol for 600k Axe Riders
    1 x Charon's Obol for 100k Axe Riders

    Team KoC

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    What an absolute joke. As predicted 1000's of attacks . at least 30 hours spent attacking Dfs and what do we get . yes some Hourglasses. This is a clear illustration of why this game continues to die

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    Very disappointed. The drop rate of Charon's Obols' stunk ! I hit dark forest the whole time event went on only got 29 of them . I have 4 huntsman short 1 for Royal. Have no hopes of being able to obtain it. Not happy at all. Seems as though the games top pay offs are not as good as they use to be.

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