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Thread: Problems with game

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    Problems with game

    2 big problems with WOW right now:

    1. Book won't open or is extremely slow to open. Players have submitted ticket with no luck or no response!
    2. Hammer & Energy links are broken and cannot be collected. This needs to be fixed quickly since there is now an expiration date.

    Please communicate with us. Thank you, Carol

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    Thank you RockYou for fixing the broken links. There is still a problem with the book opening to play the game. I haven't been able to get in all day so far. When I can get in, there is a long hesitation before the book will open. I have used CCleaner, refreshed several times, cleared cache. Do you have any other useful suggestions? Thank you, Carol

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    There is still a big problem with getting into the game... the book will not open. This is the 2nd day in a row for me. Many players are complaining about it again. This time it started on Mon. when the new chapter opened. I could get in at times for a couple of days, but not since Wed. It's very frustrating to keep trying & RockYou will not communicate with us to let us know if they are working on it. Please help! Thanks, Carol Ann

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    Please help!! Game has not opened since about 7 last night. Lots of players are complaining & probably turned in tickets. Please fix this or at least tell us what the problem is! This has been going on way too long & too often. Thank you.

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    Are you experiencing the book not opening and if so how long have you been unable to play the game. This seems to be a huge issue for many over long periods!

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    I could not share this thread. I received an error message; App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.

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    New chapter - Play Now Button

    Players in chapters 1-100 (approximately) do not have too many issues getting into a new chapter after they're fully staffed. Higher chapters can take hours, days, and for some players even weeks to get in. In the lower chapters, if a status 1033 (Gadzooks connection error) does happen to pop up, the game page will automatically refresh and everything works fine. Higher chapters have to fight each time. This has been an issue since chapter 95 was released, chapter 166 was released Monday. Is there a tech team? This is ridiculous. I choose to play knowing these issues have never been properly addressed, and resolved, so I don't complain, however when support doesn't respond to tickets with an answer that pertains to the question and screenshots submitted, it is time to voice these issues again.

    Do you have an issue with the Play Now button, i.e., access in to a new chapter after staffing is completed?
    What chapter are you in?

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