When i played this game, it was a Game of the Year winner in terms of Mobile and Facebook games, but now, it's pretty much stale toast, you've added nothing new since you bought the game, we want to know, are you going to add anything new to the game, and are we getting more of the same, because this would be boring, we know that the people you bought it from had plans to make expansions to the garden with areas around the lake where the garden was, but they never came to fruition, i've asked other players, what's new since i took a sabbatical from the game, and they said nothing, all you do is just add a chapter every week, no new expansions, and it's a struggle to find space to remove and replace buildings to open new scenes in the chapter, so I have to ask, what are you planning to do to the game, if it's going to be just add new chapters a week, then i might as well play a different hidden objects game elsewhere.