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Thread: Returning after Year Hiatus

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    Question Returning after Year Hiatus

    Hey Rock You,

    I am returning player to KOC - I've played off and on for several years since the beginning of KOC. Before Throne Rooms existed, before Ascension existed.

    Anyways - I'm intrigued by some of the upgrades that have taken place since I've been away, like FINALLY getting the last levels of ascension. The new Jousting tournaments as well as new troop types and more TR levels.

    I'd like to know what you have in store for KOC for the 2019 year? I've started a new domain (472) and I'm looking forward to playing again and getting involved, but I'm going to be very hesitant to spend any money on the game, as I've been burned previously in that area.

    I'd really like to see an improvement to the Order of the Round table subscription - I'd be more tempted to purchase and enroll in such subscription if I felt it was worth $100. Once you get past your initial building phase, that subscription really isn't worth a whole lot. A lot of other games has ways you can earn "gems" and/or sales on the products.

    As a returning player - I'd love to see some classic events for players like myself to earn some classic TR cards and resources like hourglasses, DI's, etc. Hopefully that event can be free but it would be nice to see.

    Also just throwing this out, but love to be a beta tester for KOC.


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    - A lot of the basic stuff, like TR cards, DI's etc are in the basic events like, Mercenary Camps, Nomads, Merlin Gone Wild
    A New Female Champion will be coming up, WildHide.
    - Levels 6 + 7 of the Arcane Temple are coming up, with new and exciting Arcanas.

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