Hear ye, Hear ye

Lords and Ladies of Camelot, King Arthur has decided to celebrate this new year with an exquisite event, The Days of Renaissance!

During the time of this event, the high table will hold a new server with an abundance amount of exclusive rewards and magnificent events. The new server will be bare and brutal to coincide with the early days of Camelot.

The days of Renaissance is for all - royalty and commoners alike.

As mentioned, the high table will hold a new server and to participate the players will have to establish and build a new kingdom in the realm and dominate other players.

Rules for the event:

The Server will be opened only for the event, meaning it will be closed and deleted once the event gets over.
In this Server, no TR and CH items or buff will be applied. Combat will be redefined!
Rewards for the last Glory tournament will be given out in a regular account in another server of player's choice.
The other tournaments and events will be paid out in 474 itself, to help prepare for final glory tournament.

List of events and details:
Merlin's Gone Wild
Mercenary Event
Tournament Of Might (Building + Troops)
Glory TOM

Rewards Details:
You will get the latest uniques, early access to great new Troop - Giant and other exciting prizes.

Team KoC