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Thread: Release of new levels so soon??

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    Release of new levels so soon??

    Hi all,
    With the release of the wildhide champion set (among many other things in the past months) it has become evident to me that rockyou is releasing new champion sets and new level MT's and FMT's at an increasingly rapid rate (for example dragonflame rings are what? A month old? And yet wildhide boots are already released)
    I understand that for rockyou in a business perspective that this game is an investment.
    But they also need to understand that the faster the game progresses (in levels and new sets) is the faster we get to the end of the game.
    At this current rate a common player will have their Champions stats to over 100k on each stat within the next 6 month's, it is quiet frankly making the Champions and their stats ridiculous which is only going to cause more and more people to leave the game which of course results in less revenue for rockyou (not hard to figure out)
    And then inevitably they will shut the game down.

    For this next part I am sorry as many of you will find it boring.

    Here is a little bit of info about me and the game.
    My name is Harley and I play on domain 470 as Lord xxxPHOBOSxxx, I started this game in March 2013 (still a baby compared to many) back then I was a lot younger and very naive, but the game soon grew on me and I made friends, friends with people on the other side of the world.
    Just like many other stories I have heard during my years of KOC, I became friends with this woman who was in my alliance, blah blah blah the rest is history. I flew (My first ever plane ride) over 26 hours to the other side of the world to meet that woman, she soon became my partner, and before you knew it she fell pregnant, my first child, a baby boy.
    KOC gave me that.
    I was never smart or good at anything either, but soon enough I became good at KOC, very good at that. So the game was when i was in my element because finally i was good at something and had fun at the same time.
    The game grew and I myself grew along with it, the same with the many people that I have played with who I now call my FRIENDS and FAMILY. Unfortunately I have seen divorces, deaths, the lows in my friends lives, but I have also seen the joy in their lives, everything from births, marriages to new jobs and new beginnings.
    Just like everyone else I have had my own moments, contemplated quitting the game, the downs in my life even. But at the end of the day I have found myself back here with my FRIENDS and FAMILY. This game is a big part of my life and will forever have a sentimental value to me.
    And that is just some of my story.

    Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds if not thousands of fellow KOCers, everyone has their own story and those are not mine to speak of.
    But many of the players are similar maybe even the same as me.
    This game has helped people going through hardships, depression, it has also helped some of us escape reality when we play, again I can't speak for those players it is not my place. But the point that I am making is that although yes technically this is a game and more importantly an investment for rockyou, many of the players do not see it as that, this is a lifestyle, This is our reality, where we get to have fun, be ourselves and create new friendships.

    this game means more then you think for some people.

    As many others do I have a few suggestions that could help to slow down the release of new champion sets and new level tokens and would help to prolong the game itself.
    I understand that there would be a substantial amount of coding involved but have you thought about creating new items for the throne room and/Or the champion hall?
    Like I'm sure everyone would love a horse for their champion to ride.
    Or even some curtains for their tr.
    There's many things that can be done and many ways to let us help you (the developers)
    Start an item creation thread, see where it leads, we the players know what the game needs and what the players want.

    This post is not directed or meant for any player, it is simply to get the attention of the moderators and GM, but by all means anyone is welcome to comment. And it would also be really good if people could promote this post within their alliance and/Or domain. Even if some would like to tell their own stories. The more attention this gets then the better chance we have of them taking action.

    Ps, I really am sorry if some found this post boring, it was not my intentions. I simply want rockyou to see things from our perspective, and to STOP releasing new level tokens so soon after the others.

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    I agree. Well said Phobos
    While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions

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