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Thread: Game doesn't load

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    Unhappy Game doesn't load

    Good morning, I've been trying to get my game to load for an hour, with no success! For the past two days it would load, but I couldn't receive or send gifts, now it just won't load on facebook or facebook gameroom. I hope you fix this problem soon. Thanks.

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    Having the very same problem all day.

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    Can load, but can't play....ready to find a new game.

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    As of Feb 7th of 2019, the game still is not loading. This is quite infuriating as I spent well over 60 bars of gold in my attempt to earn the special crafting rewards by mastering the numerous time mechanism devices. Sure enough, the game goes belly up and I've been unable to craft that single item to claim my prize. I'll be cancelling my subscription.

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    If you are using Chrome then you have to manually enable Flash. Chrome has done this for awhile. And as for gifts and sending, that is Facebook's problem according to PopReach. They are currently working with Facebook in hoping to get the game up and running. Supposedly. Maybe with the new game starting this week, time will tell.

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