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    Lightbulb A thought ....

    I have played this game for about 15 yrs now . In the begging when there where no bots, it was all about timing and planning attacks on one another.
    I currently play in 462 , all I ever hear is players whining because no one defends . I say that any alliance under say 100 ? that only have 1-30 members, with maybe 15 active (as in daily) they should all be dumping those alliances and join one of the others . Then it is a war game, if you wan`t to play a war game then you play. I mean alliance on alliance , not 5+ on a small alliance. That way both sides can fight till they give up . Hence WAR. You kill and destroy until one gives up. Then you rebuild , retrain what ever until ready for battle.

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    Thanks for your food for thought, you also have a suggestion how to improve battles among alliances / players?

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    Seriously Aderik thats your response,lol
    Have fun stormin the castle

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