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Thread: Suggestion: Update / Add new items to drop when cresting

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    Talking Suggestion: Update / Add new items to drop when cresting


    I think its time that you re visit the types of items that drop from cresting a Wild, Abandon City, Barb, and/or Dark Forest.

    Things that could be removed are useless seals and crests that are no longer needed for anything.

    and replace by adding things like:

    Redoubt Earthen Wall +3
    Armor Plating +5
    Jester Tokens
    Cupid Tokens
    Unconquered Crowns
    Frog-mouth Helm
    Advanced Training Credentials
    Boss Battle Tokens
    Campaign Tokens
    Avalon Tokens (a few free ones now and then wouldn't hurt - just like you guys do with the BB and RC)
    Classic Unique Throne Room Items (Same items found in regular Merlin - so we can craft Royal TR items)

    Increase drop rates on things like DI's, MT's +16 - 25, Lucky Tokens, Protection Stones, etc.

    The more new / returning users can grow the faster they can join wars, and fight. The more people willing to fight and defend, the more the active the game stays.

    For non-paying players and even some semi-paying players the game can get mundane waiting for things like Upgrade Events, Merc Events, etc. It takes time to build up to even be able to compete with current Throne Rooms. Farming is a dream if you can't get a decent throne room together. Defending your self against farmers is a real struggle until you can get a decent TR in place. Then you spend half the time hiding behind Doves and AP, just so you can save your resources and build yourself up.

    So please do us all a favor, and add new items that drop, help us smaller players be a little more competitive. You don't have to take my entire idea, but even a small portion of it it, would be great!


    P.S. - I have spent money on the game, I do on occasion participate in paying events, but I can't afford to be competitive like 1000 wins in Boss Battle is a complete DREAM! I'd have to not play BB for a year and just sit and collect tokens to even have a chance! I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on one event. (I have over time spent several hundred dollars on KOC - which is essentially the main reason I am so vocal about the development of this game, think of me as a paying customer - with any of us credit card players, small and large - this game wouldn't have last as long as it has.) Moving on, my point is, don't make this game about who can spend the most money. That just automatically means who hasn't the biggest wallet wins always. Make it competitive. Thats what drives sales. If a smaller player is close, and/or on the edge of beating a larger player, I be he'd spend some money to get over the edge if he felt it could make a difference.

    Just a different angle on how to increase sales, and improve the game.

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    Thank you kindly for your appreciated well written suggestion(s).RY is currently reviewing the item drop and see what can de done by updating certain items in these item drops.

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