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Thread: Status: Truce (6d 23h 30m) - stop

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    Status: Truce (6d 23h 30m) - stop

    stops the Vacation mode so cheap for sale. it should be for the purpose of the holiday and not for the whole year? limits the purchase.

    we have players on our server who have the alliance bunker. and these player buy holiday mode every week! <<<<--- every week !!! since month !!!

    is that the point of the game?? The game gradually breaks. through such a crap! do you only think from A to B ??? think to Z and to the end. it does not make fun anymore. sells at most 30 days but not 365 days! or take more money for it. to sell every 7 days a vacation mode to the same player, is not good for this game !!

    change that please
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