Check out some amazing moves and dance steps as Dr. Zoolittle and his friends rock the floor!

Take a look at the Dancing Laysan albatross pair or say hello to the Hopping Verreauxs sifaka!

These Dazzling Dancers unlock at noon on the dates given below!

The Jumpy Mudskipper is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Click on the link to play zoo and get your favorite animal >

Jumpy Mudskipper 6/30
Leaping Devil fish 6/30
Hi-Dance Kiosk 6/30
Jabuticaba Tree 6/30
Semaphore plant 6/30
Baby Displaying Peacock spider 7/1
Dancing Laysan albatross pair 7/2
Jumping Jacksons widowbird 7/3
Baby Lesser sandhill crane 7/4
Moonwalking Red capped manakin 7/5
Hopping Verreauxs sifaka 7/6
Baby Feeding sharptail 7/7