Hey Zookeepers!

The So long Summer Sale begins at midnight today featuring the brand new animal Pecking Gambels quail along with Wild Minotaur Receiver, Jacaranda Tree and Juice!

Saturday we have brand new animals Surprised Tasmanian pademelon and Feasting Florida manatee along with Golden Acorn Burying Squirrel and Celebrating Gorilla!

Sunday we have a brand new animal's Happy Sumatran orangutan and Energetic Mule along with Catoblepas and Appreciation Map!

Monday we have one more new animal Resolute Leopard tortoise along with island expansion, Juice, and Charging Gator Quarterback!

Tuesday we have the brand new Thirsty Greater kudu along with Odontotyrannos, Treasure Hunter, and Surprised Sabertooth!

Remember to share this schedule with your Zoomates so they know what’s coming!

Login to the game now to get your favorite animals!! http://bit.ly/2c4oJPJ