Dr. Zoolittle is in the Middle East this week as he goes in search of new zoomates and invites them to his Halloween Party!

Check out this Swift Saudi gazelle or take a flight with the Flapping Bar tailed lark!

These Trip to Kuwait additions unlock at noon on the dates given below!

The Watchful Euphrates jerboa is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Click on the link to play zoo and get your favorite animal > http://bit.ly/2c4oJPJ

Watchful Euphrates jerboa 10/20
Alert Cheesman's gerbil 10/20
Desert Campsite 10/20
Kuwait Date palm 10/20
False sowthistle 10/20
Nesting Pharaoh eagle owl 10/21
Flapping Bar tailed lark 10/22
Baby Thrilled Desert hedgehog 10/23
Swift Saudi gazelle 10/24
Pin tailed sandgrouse 10/25
Baby Laughing Short eared owl 10/26
Surprised Indian grey mongoose 10/27