Hey Zookeepers!

The Howl-o-ween 2020 Sale begins at midnight today featuring the brand new animal Playful Dingo along with Center White Tiger, Jacaranda Tree and Juice!

Wednesday we have brand new animals Peeking Platypus and Rolling Hawksbill sea turtle, along with Freestyler Jackrabbit and Golden Chinese Dragon!

Thursday we have two brand new animals again, Prancy Llama and Sucuri along with Morelladon and Owlivia Wilds Map!

Friday we have one more new animal Scratching carpincho along with island expansion, Juice and Small Forward Saharan cheetah!

Saturday we have the brand new Spirited Bottlenose dolphin along with Europelta, Zookeeper Map, and Slam Dunking Panther!

Remember to share this schedule with your Zoomates so they know what’s coming!
Login to the game now to get your favorite animals!! http://bit.ly/2c4oJPJ