After spending time in the hot deserts of the Middle East, Dr. Zoolittle heads back to South America this week!

Check out these cute Jolly Spectacled bear pair or take a look at the Feeding White footed tamarin!

These Colombia Animalia additions unlock at noon on the dates given below!

The Western dwarf coati is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Click on the link to play zoo and get your favorite animal >

Western dwarf coati 10/27
Orange nectar bat 10/27
Munchies Corner 10/27
Uvilla tree 10/27
Fire bush 10/27
Surprised Llanos long nosed armadillo 10/28
Baby White tailed olalla rat 10/29
Jolly Spectacled bear pair 10/30
Storing Colombian white faced capuchin 10/31
Baby Desmarest's spiny pocket mouse 11/1
Feeding White footed tamarin 11/2
Stump tailed porcupine 11/3