Dr. Zoolittle heads back to South America this week in search of new zoomates!

Check out this cute Baby Cauliflower jellyfish or take a look at the Conversing Fork tailed roller pair!

These Colombia Animalia additions unlock at noon on the dates given below!

The Regal ringneck snake is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Click on the link to play zoo and get your favorite animal > http://bit.ly/2c4oJPJ

Regal ringneck snake 11/17
Watchful Veiled chameleon 11/17
Portable Car Paint Booth 11/17
Flamboyant tree 11/17
Colorful coleus 11/17
Conversing Fork tailed roller pair 11/18
Baby Phantasmal poison frog 11/19
Prankish mandarin dragonet pair 11/20
Yellow headed collared lizard 11/21
Baby Cauliflower jellyfish 11/22
Relishing Sulfur breasted toucan 11/23
Climbing Rainbow boa 11/24