Dr. Zoolittle is going on a dangerous and steep journey this week as he visits the Himalayas in search of his zoomates!

Say hello to this Engrossed Himalayan wolf pair or meet the Interacting White crested laughingthrush pairl!

These To the Himalayas additions unlock at noon on the dates mentioned in the comments section.

The Blue duke is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Click on the link to play zoo and get your favorite animal > http://bit.ly/2c4oJPJ

Blue duke 12/8
Vigilant Himalayan pika 12/8
Trekkers Teahouse 12/8
West Himalayan spruce tree 12/8
Himalayan bistort 12/8
Engrossed Himalayan wolf pair 12/9
Baby Playful Gem faced civet 12/10
Drowsy Tawny fish owl 12/11
Interacting White crested laughingthrush pair 12/12
Baby Buff chested babbler 12/13
Nimble Marbled cat 12/14
Asian emerald cuckoo 12/15