After spending this summer in Australia, Dr Zoolittle is headed towards the western parts of the United States in order to experience some of the amazing national parks the state has to offer!!

Meet these couple of clever looking Elusive Miners cat or take a look at this cute little Baby Snacking Tiger salamander!!

These Calm Utah Wilds additions unlock at noon on the dates given below

The Scouting Great Basin collared lizard is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!!

Scouting Great Basin collared lizard 2/2
Uinta ground squirrel 2/2
Kalm n Kozy Springs 2/2
Frosted juniper tree 2/2
Mini Lantern 2/2
Elusive Miners cat 2/3
Foraging Aberts towhee 2/4
Baby Snacking Tiger salamander 2/5
Beldings ground squirrel pair 2/6
Exploring Signal crayfish 2/7
Baby Columbia spotted frog 2/8
Snacking Chukar partridge 2/9