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Thread: Fab Feb sale 02/18/2021

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    Fab Feb sale 02/18/2021

    Hey Zookeepers!

    The Fab Feb Sale begins at midnight today featuring the brand new animal Yaminon along with Golden cownose ray, Jacaranda Tree and Juice!

    Friday we have two more new animals Alert Seneca white deer, and Spanish Golden Scorpion along with Bunny Heartland Map, and Crane hawk!

    Saturday we have the brand new Scouting Diana monkey and Excited Gentoo penguin along with One Island Expansion and juice!

    Sunday we have two brand new animals Rolling Patagonian mara and Chinese swordfish along with Caesar Eastern Imperial Eagle and Giant river otter

    Remember to share this schedule with your Zoomates so they know what’s coming!

    Login to the game now to get your favorite animals!!

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