Dr Zoolittle is exicited to be a part of this journey to experience its blue ocean waters and white-sand beaches!!

Meet these couple of clever looking Barreras fanged snake or take a look at this cute little Baby Neiba Agave sphaero!!

These Wildlife of Dominican Republic additions unlock at noon on the dates given below

Staring Elegant molly is the feed animal of the week, so grab it by clicking on your Zoomate’s posts!

Staring Elegant molly 06/01
Perched Bay breasted cuckoo 06/01
Cocoa Beans Stall 06/01
Cacheo tree 06/01
Juniperus gracilior 06/01
Baby Tiny robber frog 06/02
Slipping Hispaniola monkey 06/03
Barreras fanged snake 06/04
Baby Neiba Agave sphaero 06/05
Snacking Neocnus 06/06
Singing White fronted quail dove 06/07
Baby Circling Marcano's solenodon 06/08