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Thread: Ad Hijacking My Game

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    Ad Hijacking My Game

    Is this a known issue? I have had a few instances lately where I will be happily playing, and suddenly I get ripped out of my game to some unsolicited ad, requiring me to reload completely. One of those instances was to one of those obnoxious ads that you are unable to close, with dire warnings of viruses, requiring a complete reboot of my laptop.

    One of the reasons I am in IC, is so I dont have to see ADS!

    This morning, It has happened repeatedly. Unable to play. Help please, thanks.

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    So if anyone is interested, I sent in a ticket to support. They told me to turn *off* my ad blocker (which I assume has been on for the last year that I have been playing). So far, it seems to have worked. Seems kind of odd that I need to adjust my security to play YOUR game, that I pay a monthly fee for. Good luck, all.

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    Update - it just did it again, so NO, disabling pop up blocker is NOT the solution.

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    I use Chrome with AdBlock and have never, ever had an issue with ads.

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    This has nothing to do with GOT. I know because it was happening to me as well. Even though it always happens when you're playing GOT, what's really happening is you have some piece of software installed on your computer that has "adware" in it. For me, it was an mp3 converter from KoyoteSoft that I'd been using for a year before it started redirecting me to different ads or surveys right in the middle of my GOT game. You need to scan your computer with some antivirus and get rid of the offending app.

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