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    Lightbulb Inventory

    Is there any way to sub-divide the inventory into specific folders that the player can categorize themselves? Instead of just having Artifacts, Buildings, Decorations and Wonders, have a different folder we the player can name. There are players that decorate by the season, so theoretically you could have a folder for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to be stored and not in currant play with the rest of the inventory. Either that or make a separate "storage building" to store items not in use.

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    I would like the ability to move all items from a map into inventory with one (or a few) clicks. Move all to inventory, choices - animals, deocrations, kiosks, buildables, collectabiles. Allow inventory items to be sortable within their catergories by name or quantity owned.

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    You can move all items in your garden by clicking 'remove all' under the 'build' button. If you have THOUSANDS of items, it might take awhile.

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