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Thread: New GOT friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debbie Key-Brown View Post
    add me to GOT
    Can you add me please? Trudy Whitty

  2. #12 please add me , just came back from a small absence and lost lots of friends. every day player!

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    It doesn't let me add you, only message but you can add me:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Barry View Post
    Can you please post how you found your user ID?
    Michelle, to get your URL for Facebook, you have to go to your OWN page on FB and copy the address in the address bar, then you can come back to this site & paste it into messages .... Good Luck

    I am adding my URL:- for anyone who wishes to be my neighbour, please remember to send me a message telling me you are a GOT player .......i would LOVE to be your neighbour

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    Please add me as a neighbor. My play I'd is play53020510342. Thanks

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