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Thread: Level 49

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    Level 49

    How do you beat level 49? it requires you to make 715 coins but only gives you 8 customers. And not only that most of the customers order honey or tea. On levels where I do get tarts for every customer, the amount of coins I make is not even close to 715.

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    I too am struggling with this level and have been trying to pass it for 2 weeks. I have message Rock You support, but they say keep trying. I have 90% of all the boosts, but still cannot reach 715. I went on you tube for tips and see that last year the level of coins required was a lot lower. Not sure what to do now.

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    ridiculous that they just told you to keep playing.. there is obviously something flawed with the level. Why was the coin requirement changed from last year?

    I just stopped playing

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    I have the same problem. however the first time I played it my game froze and I had to restart. When I first played it, it was a timed level like this Now I have to get 715 coins with only 8 orders this is the response I got from their support team
    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    Yes, we have made some changes in coins. 1 star goal changed in the game. But type of that level never changed fro your level, as its seat level. I would suggest you to upgrade the ingredients to get the high score.

    Well, keep playing the game and drop an email if you have any issues with the game.

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